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Kudos to L’Oréal for its leadership of the circular economy

October 26, 2023

In the latest L’Oréal Group annual report, Alexandra Palt, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer and CEO of the Fondation L’Oréal underlines that the Group aims to ensure a more sustainable and equitable transition for all. ”That means ensuring the Group’s business operates within planetary boundaries as well as engaging our stakeholders in the process and supporting them through it, to have a positive impact on society and build a more sustainable model. In so doing, we hope to be a catalyst for change in our industry and beyond”.

The circular economy, the cornerstone of the Aplantex process

A model to follow
As the world’s leading brand of beauty products, L’Oréal has for many years multiplied its sustainable initiatives and staked a dominant position in the circular economy even before the concept gained traction in popular consciousness. Today under the L’Oréal for the Future initiative, the company champions the transformation of the codes of beauty to adopt a more sustainable way of doing things and provide the users of its products with the means to consume more responsibly.

To help respect planetary limits, L’Oréal works on many fronts along its value chain: climate changes mitigation, responsible water usage, biodiversity protection and husbanding of resources. Among many initiatives, the sourcing of plant-based ingredients promotes regenerative agricultural practices that ideally require reduced surfaces. Furthermore, the company optimizes its packaging by reducing the weight of its boxes and instruction sheets, continuously increasing the use of recycled plastic, maximizing recyclability, and mobilizing consumers by proposing, when possible, refillable containers vs single-use packaging. In addition, L’Oréal regularly puts forward formulations with increased biodegradability that also foster more careful water use. Lastly, as of 2020, 11 of the Group’s 26 plants were already carbon-neutral and they will all be by 2025.

The circular economy, the cornerstone of the Aplantex process
Aplantex’s industrial green biotech platform aims to mass-produce locally and throughout the year, in a controlled environment, the phytochemical ingredients in demand by the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and agrifood industries. Our proprietary photosynthetic phytoreplicators are at the core of a stable biomass produced through vertical hydroponics using just the right amount of water and nutrient solution in a looped system. The process uses renewable hydroelectric power, generates no waste, and the phytoreplicators capture and assimilate up to 40 % of their dry weight in atmospheric CO2. Aplantex thus joins the circular economy frontrunners.

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