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Are you ready to change your health paradigm?

October 12, 2023

Statistics Canada underlines that two out of three Canadians are either overweight or obese. Furthermore, the increasing incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many chronic diseases compounded with failing cognitive health in our aging population is unabated. It’s time to change our health paradigm. Rather than following the beaten path of analysing symptoms and treating individual diseases, let us focus our attention upstream and identify the root causes that lead to overwhelming our health services. While substantive work and leisure shifts have led to reduced physical activity, poor diet is identified as the leading contributor to the declining health of Canadians. We are what we eat has never been so true.

Functional foods and their powerful health benefits are gaining traction

Functional foods are gaining traction.
Defined as ingredients that offer health benefits that extend beyond their nutritional value, functional foods and beverages registered significant growth over the past years. As Canadians become increasingly aware of the tight link between diet and health, they will swell the ranks of consumers worldwide accounting for an estimated CAGR of 8,4 % of a market estimated to reach $ 324,4 B by 2027. Plant-based ingredients enjoy a 43 % SOM of the category and will continue to lead the pack as consumers seek “green” answers to their health and environmental concerns. Also known as nutraceuticals, functional foods and beverages are associated with powerful health benefits such as disease protection, nutrient deficiencies prevention and proper growth and development promotion. They are key elements of the health paradigm shift.

Aplantex is on the front line.
By supplying essential phytochemical compounds to the functional foods and beverages industry from a controlled environment and process using “green” hydro power and generating next to no waste, Aplantex will be a valued partner in the making of products targeting general wellness and immunity, weight management, gut and digestive health as well as cognitive health.

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