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A pharma expert joins the team

January 25, 2024

“The next steps in the development of Aplantex, including the commercialization of our high value-added molecules to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and agrifood industries will benefit from additional momentum following the arrival of Mr. François Ravenelle in our advisory group regrouping exceptional complementary skills”, underlines Mr. Patrick Charest, B. Sc., P.Eng., CEO of Aplantex.

François’ cutting-edge expertise adds valuable depth to our strategic plan

A researcher in pharmaceutical development turned entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in drug development, François was trained in physical chemistry at McGill University and has expertise in drug development, from discovery to phase II. He also contributed significantly to an approved NDA, gaining valuable insight into regulators’ expectations. François has worked on a variety of pharmaceutical products, from small molecules to peptides, and has participated in the preparation and execution of clinical trials while operating in virtual environments of pharmaceutical companies. At Inversago, he led three rounds of funding totaling more than US$110 million in less than 4 years. With an experienced management team and an extensive network of experts, Inversago quickly brought its first CB1 peripheral blockers to the clinic. Clinical proof of concept studies are ongoing following the recent acquisition of the company by the multinational Novo Nordisk for a value of up to $1,075 B.



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